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Editorial September 2015

When I read UNDP’s first Human Development Report in 1990, I promised to myself to create something similar for Islamic banking and finance – and I did it in 2010, with the establishment of Global Islamic Finance Report (GIFR), which is the first and the only such publication in the world, with 6 annual […]

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Between Aspiration and the Reality of Achieving Full Shari’a-compliance

Written by:
Nik Norishky Thani, SVP, Head of Special Projects (Islamic), PNB
Mohamad Nasir Bin Yusoff, Associate Special Projects (Islamic), PNB
Wan Amir Shafiq Bin Ab. Nasir, Associate Special Projects (Islamic), PNB

ISFIRE presents this thought-provoking article to its readers, with a view not to impose a new ideology but to think independently and draw their own conclusions. […]

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Dr. Zubir Harun, Chairman, Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia

Dr. Zubir Harun is a champion of financial inclusion, and his organization – Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) – is one of the most active players in women empowerment in Malaysia. Winner of two GIFAs in 2013 and 2014 as Best Islamic Microfinance Institution, AIM is globally recognized as a national financial inclusion programme in […]

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Director, Accounting Research Institute (ARI)
Universiti Teknolgi MARA

Malaysia has been on the forefront of innovative developments in Islamic finance. In this exclusive interview with Professor Dr. Normah Haji Omar, Director, Accounting Research Institute (ARI), Universiti Teknologi MARA, we explore the role of ARI and its leadership in developing a new field of study in Islamic […]

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Future of Takaful

Gautam Datta

Takaful or practicing the concept of Takaful has been around for centuries. Scriptures tell us that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) encouraged the practice of Takaful to provide a form of protection in the community. As a business however Takaful’s entry to the insurance market has been more recent. I got involved with Takaful in […]

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Khuram Shehzad
Manager Business Development & Strategy, Edbiz Consulting
If large number is a matter of pride for Muslims who comprise almost 24% of the global population, they should also be concerned as more than half of the world’s poor reside in the Muslim world. More alarming is the fact that poverty in the Muslim world […]

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Senior Vice President
Head of Project Finance, NCB
In this exclusive detailed interview with Dr Mansoor Durrani, we gather an extremely useful insight into contemporary practices of Islamic banking and finance (IBF). Dr Durrani is one of the most accomplished Islamic bankers in the world, and his insight into IBF is highly helpful in understanding some of […]

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In this heart-touching interview, we present a leading personality in IBF, who frankly shares with us his journey to becoming a successful Islamic finance professional. It is the interviews like this, which inspire the new generation of professionals in IBF. Nik Norishky Thani dwells into some of the most important intellectual issues, with great wit
and sense of […]

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Islamic Mortgage Securitization A SOURCE OF LIQUIDITY & AFFORDABLE HOUSE FINANCE for Oman

Suleman Muhammad Ali
Head of Products & Segments,
Muzn Islamic Banking,
National Bank of Oman


Availability of affordable housing is an important requirement for a country with a growing young population to sustain the economic development and the standard of living of its populace. About 50% of the population of the Sultanate of Oman is aged 24 […]

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Editorial June 2015

Leadership in IBF is fast evolving. While the likes of Prince Mohamed Al Faisal and Sheikh Saleh

Kamel have ably led the industry from a small niche to a US$2 trillion industry, the younger generation of leaders have taken the baton from their senior peers to take the industry to the next level. This issue […]

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