Book Reviews

1. Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance: Principles and Practice Hereafter known as KH M. Kabir Hassan, Rasem N.Kayed and Umar A.Oseni Pearson Education Limited (2013), 436 Pages

2. Islamic Banking and Finance: What It Is and What It Could Be Hereafter known as TD Edited by Tarek El Diwani 1st Ethical Trust(2010), 502 Pages

3. […]

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Investing in Islamic Funds details the core principles of Islamic investing for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It explains how Islamic equity and fixed-income products differ from traditional funds, and how they deliver excellent results while still conforming to Shari’a principles. Using carefully researched data from the last six years, the book also reveals how […]

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Islamic Finance: Law and Practice

Edited by Craig R.Nethercott and David M. Eisenberg
First Edition (Oxford University Press 2012)
ISBN 978-0-18-956694-5

In recent years, many books on the Islamic financial industry have been published in the English language and an immediate reaction to “Islamic Finance: Law and Practice” was whether the book was a necessary addition to the literature already available. Having […]

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