Dr. Zubir Harun, Chairman, Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia

Dr. Zubir Harun is a champion of financial inclusion, and his organization – Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) – is one of the most active players in women empowerment in Malaysia. Winner of two GIFAs in 2013 and 2014 as Best Islamic Microfinance Institution, AIM is globally recognized as a national financial inclusion programme in […]

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Director, Accounting Research Institute (ARI)
Universiti Teknolgi MARA

Malaysia has been on the forefront of innovative developments in Islamic finance. In this exclusive interview with Professor Dr. Normah Haji Omar, Director, Accounting Research Institute (ARI), Universiti Teknologi MARA, we explore the role of ARI and its leadership in developing a new field of study in Islamic […]

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Senior Vice President
Head of Project Finance, NCB
In this exclusive detailed interview with Dr Mansoor Durrani, we gather an extremely useful insight into contemporary practices of Islamic banking and finance (IBF). Dr Durrani is one of the most accomplished Islamic bankers in the world, and his insight into IBF is highly helpful in understanding some of […]

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In this heart-touching interview, we present a leading personality in IBF, who frankly shares with us his journey to becoming a successful Islamic finance professional. It is the interviews like this, which inspire the new generation of professionals in IBF. Nik Norishky Thani dwells into some of the most important intellectual issues, with great wit
and sense of […]

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Hasan Shakib Al-Jabri, CEO, Sedco Capital

Hasan Shakib Al Jabri is an established leader in the Islamic asset management industry. Winner of the GIFA Islamic Finance Personality Award for 2013, Al Jabri has numerous accolades to his name. He has developed a state of the art Islamic asset management business that fulfils both Shari’a and ESG requirements. It is owing […]

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Mohd Razlan Mohamed, CEO of MARC

Rating Islamic Financial Structures and Institutions
Malaysian Rating Corporation Berhad (MARC) is a pioneering Islamic rating agency, which has been at the helm of Islamic business for about 18 years. Winner of the Best Islamic Rating Agency 2014 by the prestigious Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA), MARC is a truly global Islamic rating agency with […]

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Dato’ Adnan Alias, CEO, IBFIM

Dato’ Adnan Alias has played a pivotal role in Islamic financial training on a global level. As CEO of Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM), he is regarded as a key player in Islamic financial advisory and training not only in Malaysia but also regionally and globally. Under his dynamic leadership, IBFIM received […]

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Sheikh Abdelkader Amor, CEO, Al-Maali Consulting Group

Sheikh Abdelkader Amor is a co-founder and CEO of Al Maali Consulting Group. He currently also serves as the Shari’a Board Chairman for United Investment Bank, an investment bank based in the DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center) and is heading the Shari’a consultancy services at Al Maali. He is a Certified Shari’a Advisor and […]

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Raja Teh Maimunah, CEO, Hong Leong Islamic Bank

Reflections on Islamic Banking
Raja Teh Maimunah is a CEO for Hong Leong Islamic Bank, one of the largest Islamic banks in Malaysia. She has risen through the ranks and has proven to be a formidable player in the advancement of the Islamic financial industry. Here she discusses Hong Leong Islamic Bank, the products and […]

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Trevor Norman Director, Volaw Group

Offshore Services for Islamic Banking & Finance
Q: Please tell us about Volaw. What are its aims, its focus, departments and interest in Islamic banking and finance?
Volaw is a privately owned Trust Company, headquartered in Jersey, Channel Islands. We were established in 1982 and offer a full range of trust and company services to both […]

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