Challenges & Opportunities in Islamic Finance Education

An associate professor specialising in Islamic banking and finance (IBF) resigned from his current position at a university in Pakistan to join another to receive a salary almost double of what he was earning at that time. The university in question had to find a replacement on an emergency basis, as development of its […]

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Global Islamic Finance Awards 2014

Founded in 2011, Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) have emerged as the most respectable market-led awards in IBF. No other awards in the Islamic financial services industry have so far attracted larger number of heads of government/state. GIFA top award – Global Islamic Finance Leadership Award – is presented each year to a head […]

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What the Consumers of Banking Services Think of Islamic Banks – And Why? Prepare for a few surprises…

FOR THE PAST 4 YEARS, Edbiz Consulting has been asking consumers of banking services all over the world to name their most trusted Islamic banking brands. This year, we also asked the respondents to tell us how much they trust or distrust the people, from different ethnic and faith groups, who are involved in […]

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Islamic Finance Access Programme on Operational Risk Management in Islamic Financial Institutions

18th September 2014, Centre of Islamic Finance (CIF) – COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore
IFAP: An Industry Building Initiative
Islamic Finance Access Programme (IFAP) is one of many industry building initiatives founded by Professor Humayon Dar, Chairman of Edbiz Corporation and one of the foremost advocates of Islamic finance in the world. IFAP is now […]

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3rd IFAP Pakistan

IFAP continues its mission to provide Islamic finance literacy and intelligence to the industry with the 17th IFAP held in Pakistan. The programme was held on May 22nd, 2014 hosted by the University of Management and Technology (UMT) Lahore. UMT is a prominent name and boasts of ten departments in Business and Economics, Science […]

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Wan Miana Rural Development Programme

Wan Miana is a village in the district of Sargodha in central Punjab in Pakistan. For many reasons, it is not a typical rural locality.

Although primarily an agrarian economy, the village houses a number of interesting non-farming businesses. Furthermore, a number of development projects in the village are very progressive in their nature and […]

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2nd IFAP Pakistan

Demand for Islamic banking and finance (IBF) is growing significantly around the world. With that it is important to educate the suppliers (Islamic financial institutions) as well as consumers on different aspects of IBF. Edbiz Consulting launched the Islamic Finance Access Programme (IFAP) precisely to educate and train people on IBF. Edbiz have been […]

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Islamic Finance Access Programme

16th &17th December 2013, Fatimah Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi-Pakistan
Islamic banking and finance is in the second phase of its growth and development in Pakistan where existing financial institutions are expanding and new ones are being established to cater to the growing demand. This has in turn given rise to the need for qualified and […]

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A Night of Celebration
GIFA aims to recognise the efforts, highlight the best practices in Islamic banking and finance and celebrate the success of individuals and institutions with an aim to promote social responsibility, Shari’a authenticity and commitment to Islamic banking and finance.

Were it a fractious occasion for such a wonderful night, when industry paragons […]

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Islamic Finance Leadership Programme

The Islamic Finance Leadership Programme, hosted by Markfield Institute of Higher Education, UK, sought to connect budding leaders with current leaders in Islamic banking and finance. The aim was to enhance skills and build networks through collaboration, education and networking. Rizwan Malik attended the event and was impressed by the passion and dedication of […]

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